"Dang it, I'm slow!" is the 1st episode of Survivor: New Zealand. The title was said by Koror.

Day 1- Arrival and Reward ChallengeEdit

The 16 contestants arrived at Kapiti Island, New Zealand. Upon arrival, Kordan annocues the teams, and says that the first challenge will be, "Survivor: Trivia!". The game has 5 questions that the contestants needed to answer correctly to get a point for their tribe. The game seemed pretty close, but in the end, Zachary won for Tonga. Tonga choosed to send Alex to Idol Island.

Here is how the game turned out:

Survivor: Trivia!
Question Answer Correct Contestant Too late answers
What season did Sandra originally win? Pearl Islands



Who had the most votes with in one season? Laura Morett




( Ricky answered who got the most votes of all time. giving his tribe half a point)

What was the first season to have 20 contestants? Palau



Name 1 of the contestants who played a perfect game. J.T or Cochran



What contestant died from cancer? Jenn Lyon




Day 2- Immunity ChallengeEdit

The contestants were required to play a game of Super Smash Flash 2.

The game itself took too long, so Kordan cancelled the game. Reid was just about to post his results when this happened

Days 3 and 4- Tribal ConcilEdit

At Tribal, nobody seemed to vote besides Koror.

However, since people who didn't vote would get a vote against them, Whoever Koror voted for would be sent home.

Koror made his vote, and Gernald was gone.


Gernald placed 16th on Survivor: New Zealand